Spring ‘24 Product Update: Automations, 4 New Apps (Gmail, Outlook, Google Sheets, Excel), And More

Courtney Chuang

Head of Product Marketing

Today, we’re excited to share a slate of new features and platform improvements with you, all designed to help improve the efficiency of your compliance program.

Investigators and compliance managers like you are doing their best to piece together cases and oversee them. But there's only so much that can get done when you’re clicking in and out of spreadsheets, word docs, and homegrown systems.

But what if this didn’t have to be the status quo? What if you could eliminate the tedious, repetitive tasks slowing your team down? This is precisely what we’re tackling head-on at Hummingbird with a suite of tools to help you safely automate compliance work.

Our spring product update brings you more of these tools, including a brand-new process automation product, new email and spreadsheet integrations, and several more time-saving enhancements.

Ready to dive in? Let’s take a look at what’s new and improved in Hummingbird:

Streamline and accelerate manual compliance processes with Hummingbird Automations


Hummingbird Automations is a new way to streamline and accelerate manual compliance processes. With an intuitive, visual automation builder, you can quickly create automation recipes to handle all kinds of repetitive work. Automate everything from simple, high-volume tasks like assigning reviews to complex procedures like running a Quality Assurance (QA) program. Purpose-built for compliance, Automations comes with detailed dashboards and audit logs, providing you with complete control and visibility.

Interested in learning more about Hummingbird Automations? Hear from Affirm about how they’re automating key workflows, plus see the product in action.

Stay on top of incoming emails with our Gmail and Microsoft Outlook Apps


Compliance teams rely heavily on email, whether it’s receiving communication from law enforcement or getting internal referrals from other teams. Hummingbird’s Gmail and Microsoft Outlook Apps make it easy to stay on top of incoming messages. With these apps, you can automatically create new cases whenever emails are sent to team inboxes – eliminating the need for manual monitoring and making triage a breeze.

Build custom reports with our Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Apps


Every compliance team has unique internal reporting needs, and compiling all the data you’re looking to analyze and share can be a tedious task. Hummingbird’s Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Apps streamline custom reporting, giving you the exact data you need. With these apps, you can automatically create and populate spreadsheets with specific case, filing, and subject data from Hummingbird.

More enhancements to speed up compliance work

Along with these latest features and integrations, we’ve also made several new improvements across the platform.

Manage your organization’s review types with even greater flexibility

A few months ago, we introduced the ability to manage your organization’s review types within the platform. Now we’re giving you even greater flexibility and control when it comes to customizing your workflows in Hummingbird. You can add new stages and tasks, either from scratch or starting from a template, and update the decisions associated with the review type and their resulting effects, such as setting ongoing monitoring for a case.

Programmatically assign reviews to team queues with our Queues API

We know that having to manually assign work to your team can be a hassle, slowing you down unnecessarily. With the new Queues API, you can programmatically assign reviews to shared team queues. (Pro-tip: You can also use Automations to automatically assign reviews to queues and manage your assignment strategy, directly within the platform.)

Learn more about Hummingbird

Hummingbird enables compliance and risk teams to accelerate their financial crime investigations. Designed for a wide range of investigations, from customer due diligence to fraud and AML, Hummingbird automates routine compliance tasks while empowering analysts to make smarter, faster decisions.

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