Supercharge financial crime investigations

Hummingbird is a purpose-built investigation platform for intelligently gathering BSA data, organizing evidence and casework, and analyzing patterns in financial crime investigations. We provide everything you need to save time, improve accuracy, and keep a fully auditable record. 

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Keep everything in sight and within reach. Collect and organize case data from all sources, including BSA information from FinCEN and documents obtained through subpoenas. Easily segment discoverable and non-discoverable information.


Hummingbird gives you the tools to conduct deep investigation work on complex money movements. Pursue leads and develop the evidence necessary to swiftly bring cases to completion. 


Parse and combine SAR data with additional evidence to gain a holistic view of each case. Get real-time data visualizations to bolster your investigations, giving you the insights you need to take action. Powered by machine learning.

Trusted by leaders in finance to fight financial crime

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Speed up every step of your investigation

Shorten the time between case creation and completion with custom workflows and flexible automation. Designed to match your internal procedures, workflows clearly outline the steps for each investigation, while automation eliminates the repetitive tasks that slow them down.


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Strengthen investigations and eliminate blind spots

Built-in workflows and validations ensure consistent, quality casework. Automated record keeping provides a complete history of every action and decision, ensuring a detailed audit trail for a bullet proof case.




Build an investigation platform that’s custom to your needs

Bring supporting data and evidence directly into your cases with Hummingbird integrations. Our apps and integrations let you extend the platform to quickly adapt to changing needs. Add new capabilities and seamlessly integrate with top third-party providers such as Chainalysis, Elliptic, and Thomson Reuters CLEAR.


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Stay compliant with our comprehensive security features

Security is the foundation of everything we do at Hummingbird. From hiring and company communication safeguards, to best-practice approaches to secure development and information-sharing, we’re building a culture of security that extends from the break room to the front desk.

Our mission

Our mission at Hummingbird is straightforward: fight financial crime.

We believe that thoughtful design, intelligent tools, and helpful automation can improve the fight against for-profit crimes. Hummingbird blends regulatory expertise, thoughtful product design, and modern technology into the ultimate data analysis and investigation tool, to help power the fight against financial crime.

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See how you can advance the fight against financial crime with Hummingbird.

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