Winter ‘23 Product Update: 5 New Apps (including Middesk and Elliptic), Team Queues, Improved Workflow Management, And Custom Domains

Courtney Chuang

Head of Product Marketing

Today, we’re excited to share our winter roundup of new features and enhancements with you. Over the last few months, our team has been hard at work building tools to help you work cases and investigate financial crime with greater ease and focus.

As you explore what’s new, you might notice that several of our highlights from our winter update share a common theme: apps and integrations. And it’s because fragmented data continues to be one of the thorniest and most pervasive challenges for compliance teams.

Compliance leaders have told us, time and time again, that disjointed systems and siloed information slow their teams down, making it hard to put together all the pieces of a case. It comes as no surprise that, in our State of Financial Compliance report, the top area that financial institutions reported looking for efficiency gains in was data and tool integrations.

At Hummingbird, we believe that better compliance work starts with having one place to access all the information you need to make fast, smart decisions. To make that a reality, we’re continually growing our partner ecosystem (including the new apps you see today), so you can quickly connect your tools and all the data sources you use.

Ready to see our new apps and integrations, plus a few more enhancements? Let’s dive in:

Streamline customer diligence and regulatory compliance with the Middesk App


Our new integration with Middesk lets you streamline important customer due diligence procedures and meet your regulatory obligations with ease. With the Middesk App, you can order and view business verification reports, directly from your case in Hummingbird. With up-to-date business data at your fingertips, including TIN matches, watchlist hits, Secretary of State filings, and more, you can quickly and accurately assess customer risk.

If you are a current customer, learn more in our help center.

Investigate high-risk crypto activity faster and more effectively with the Elliptic App


Our new integration brings Elliptic’s advanced cross-chain alerting into Hummingbird. With the Elliptic App, you can automatically receive alerts for high-risk crypto transactions and create cases in Hummingbird. Once in Hummingbird, you can associate crypto alerts with key customer account records and both fiat and crypto transaction data, enabling you to quickly investigate and seamlessly report potential illicit activity.

If you are a current customer, learn more in our help center.

Seamlessly sync your case files to Hummingbird with our Sharepoint, Box, and Dropbox integrations


For investigators, getting a complete picture of a case often requires them to spend as much time gathering documents and files as analyzing them. The never-ending search for documents slows investigations down, taking time away from more critical tasks.

Our new integrations with Microsoft Sharepoint, Box, and Dropbox make it easy for you to bring all of your case files into view. With these apps, you can automatically upload files, such as case referrals, KYC/KYB documents, and other internal reports, to Hummingbird and attach them to new or existing cases. By eliminating the manual work required to find and upload files, these apps save investigators’ time and help accelerate casework.

If you are a current customer, learn more in our help center.

More enhancements to simplify your workflow

Along with our new apps and integrations, we’ve also made some exciting enhancements to the product to help you manage your team’s work and administer the platform.

Organize your team’s work by assigning reviews to queues

For large compliance organizations, managing work across different risk areas and teams of investigators can be challenging. Queues give you a new way to organize your team’s work, helping investigators prioritize their reviews and managers improve oversight. With queues, you can easily assign and escalate reviews to the right team, rather than to a specific individual, and quickly see all the reviews that require your team’s attention.

Easily manage and update your organization’s review types

Hummingbird has long offered flexible workflows that can be customized to match your institution’s policies and procedures. Now, platform administrators have the added ability to update review types, directly within Hummingbird. This allows administrators to easily make adjustments as procedures change and fine-tune their organization’s workflows.

Host and send requests for information using a custom domain

We’ve made a highly requested improvement to our Requests App: the ability to host RFI forms and send RFI-related emails using a custom domain. By sending RFIs from a domain that your customers, peer institutions, and other parties already know and trust, you can mitigate any potential security or phishing concerns and increase response rates.

Custom domains can also be used for your tip intake forms and tip-related emails.

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Hummingbird enables compliance and risk teams to accelerate their financial crime investigations. Designed for all kinds of investigations, from customer due diligence to AML and fraud, Hummingbird automates routine compliance tasks, while empowering analysts to make smarter, faster decisions.

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