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Introducing Rich Text Formatting (Plus Even More Features Bringing Clarity to Your Investigations)

Bryan McCarty

Head of Product Marketing

Hummingbird users can now apply rich text formatting to all long-form fields using bold, underlining, and the ability to create numbered and bulleted lists. In addition, users can take advantage of Advanced Dashboard Filters and name and save the filter set for later use. Lastly, Quick Links can now be customized so you can easily access other internal tools from within Hummingbird.

Introducing Rich Text Formatting

Many of us consume lots of written text – chat messages from colleagues, assigned work tasks, emails, spreadsheets, and more. And we create a lot of it too. But parsing large blocks of uninterrupted text can be a challenge. People tend to skim, which means they miss crucial information. This is why visual cues are so important. You can bring order to the details, giving your reader the space to consume your writing more thoughtfully and efficiently.

Now you can apply rich text formatting to your writing in Hummingbird, including bold, underline, and lists.

Rich text formatting in Hummingbird is a great new tool for improved team collaboration. Whether you create section headings in your narrative using bold, underline specific details in customer diligence, or create a list of related transactions in a new workflow write-up, these formatting options bring more structure to your in-depth investigation work.


Wondering how your Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) will react to the new look? Don’t worry – our backend system intelligently strips all formatting to comply with the required submission specs. We’ve even included a toggle that allows you to view the plain text version before submission.

Enhanced Dashboard Filters and Saved Views

Each investigator’s preferred way of looking at case data is unique. Which is why it’s essential to cut and filter cases in order to highlight specific characteristics. Not only do you want to view the queue of cases according to your preference, but you also want to return to that specific view without redoing the filter set every time. With Hummingbird, you can now do just that. 

You can name and save filter sets for later use, with the option to filter by:

  • Type
  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Due Date
  • Opened At
  • Completed At
  • Alerts Triggered
  • First Activity
  • Stage
  • Filing Status
  • Tags (independently or by filter groups)

To preserve a view, just name and save your preferred filter criteria.


Note: We’re always adding more filter options. Have a pressing need? Talk to your Customer Support Manager, or send a note to support@hummingbird.co.

Improved Quick Links

You’re already familiar with Hummingbird’s pre-populated Google searches. When you open a Person profile, you see links such as:

  • Google search for John Doe Smith scam
  • Google search for John Doe Smith fraud

Starting today, Quick Links can be customized so you can quickly access other internal systems that accept parameterized URLs. For example, you could pass CRM profile data related to the case to your customer service tooling to enrich your investigation. 

The data types that can be dynamically populated in the URL are:

  • Name
  • Alternate names
  • External ID
  • Other info fields


To get Quick Links added to your environment, send a note to support@hummingbird.co with the label you’d like to see in the sidebar along with the link.

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