Fall ‘23 Product Update: Thomson Reuters CLEAR App, Support for Beneficial Ownership, 8 New Integrations, And More

Courtney Chuang

Head of Product Marketing

The landscape of financial crime is constantly evolving, growing more complex and difficult to manage by the day. This burden falls heavily on compliance teams who are tasked with fighting financial crime using tools that are no longer fit for purpose, forcing them to piece together investigations across spreadsheets, fragmented systems, and disparate data sources.

In fact, a recent survey found 83% of compliance teams rely on at least three separate, non-integrated systems to handle their investigations. The result: more than half of an investigator’s time, on average, is spent simply collecting and compiling data. 

At Hummingbird, we're committed to providing compliance teams with the best possible toolkit to fight financial crime. Today, we’re excited to present our fall roundup of new features and product enhancements, designed to help you meet the compliance challenges of today.

These last few months, we’ve focused on building tools that help accelerate and simplify your work. We hope these updates make it even easier for you to get a complete picture of your investigations, eliminate unnecessary context-switching, and speed up some of your most time-consuming tasks.

Read on to learn more about our new features and enhancements, which include:

If you’re looking to drive greater efficiency, check out The Hummingbird Guide to Integrations. You’ll find strategic guidance, paired with practical advice, to help you intelligently bring your tools together.

Quickly uncover hard-to-find investigative details with the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App


Making accurate case decisions requires knowing exactly who your subjects are. But getting the key details you need often means having to switch back and forth between tools and copy-paste data from one place to another – tedious work that slows you down.

That’s why we’re so excited about the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App. Now, you can search Thomson Reuters CLEAR’s vast collection of public and proprietary records for people and businesses, without leaving your investigation in Hummingbird. You can preview reports to confirm you have the right person or business before ordering the full report, and all reports are automatically attached to your case for a complete audit trail.

Learn more about the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App.

Track beneficial ownership and other relationships between people, businesses, and financial institutions


Financial crime doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To successfully launder money, evade taxes, or commit any number of other financial crimes, illicit actors need to involve other people, businesses, and financial institutions. But, as an investigator, tracking these relationships can be painstaking work, and this is especially so in cases like establishing beneficial ownership for business customers. 

Our latest update makes it significantly easier for you to view, track, and manage these relationships. You can document beneficial ownership information, including percentage of ownership, directly on a subject’s profile. You can also track the financial institutions with which people and businesses are associated, as well as create custom relationships to track all kinds of associations that matter to your organization.

If you are a current customer, learn more in our help center.

Connect your data to Hummingbird with 8 new integrations

For most compliance teams, case data lives in many different, typically siloed, tools and systems. Between constant context-switching and the manual effort required to organize case findings, getting a complete picture of your case can feel impossible.

Our new integrations help you bring all your case data into view, all in one investigations platform, making your work both more efficient and more effective.

Data & Business Intelligence: Snowflake, Tableau, Looker, and Microsoft Power BI


Our Snowflake, Tableau, Looker, and Microsoft Power BI integrations let you seamlessly connect investigative data in your data warehouse and business intelligence tools to Hummingbird. You can automatically create cases using alert, transaction, and subject data from these tools. For our Snowflake and Power BI integrations, you can also send case data from Hummingbird to these tools, where you can analyze, visualize, and report on it, and more.

Learn more about our data and business intelligence integrations.

CRM: Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365


Our Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations let you easily sync your CRM data to Hummingbird. You can automatically create cases and populate subject data in Hummingbird using contact and account records from your CRM. You can also update your CRM with case findings by sending data from Hummingbird to Salesforce and Dynamics 365.

If you are a current customer, learn more in our help center.

Customer Service Tickets: Jira and Zendesk


Our Jira and Zendesk integrations let you instantly receive case referrals from your institution’s customer service team. You can automatically create cases in Hummingbird from tickets in Jira and Zendesk. When cases are updated or completed in Hummingbird, you can also automatically update the associated tickets in these platforms.

If you are a current customer, learn more in our help center.

More enhancements to streamline your cases

Along with these new features, we’ve also made some exciting enhancements to our platform to help your team work cases faster and with less manual effort:

Speed up transaction analysis with our improved transactions table

We’ve given our transactions table new superpowers to help you quickly focus and complete your analyses. You can now create and save filtered views of your data, as well as flag, edit, add, and delete transactions in bulk rather than one by one.

See RFIs associated with a specific subject by linking their profile

RFIs help you collect valuable information about subjects, and the information uncovered as part of one case is often just as useful in another case. Now, for requests sent through Hummingbird, you can link the profiles of the subjects involved, so you can easily track all RFIs involving a specific subject and eliminate duplicate research and diligence.

Programmatically manage people and businesses with our CRM API

Compliance teams have many sources of data for the people and businesses involved in their cases, and having this information in Hummingbird makes completing cases both faster and easier. Now, with our CRM API, you can programmatically add and update profiles for people and businesses in Hummingbird using data from other sources.

Learn more about Hummingbird

Hummingbird enables compliance and risk teams to accelerate their financial crime investigations. Designed for all kinds of investigations, from customer due diligence to fraud and AML, Hummingbird automates routine compliance tasks, while empowering analysts to make smarter, faster decisions.

Ready to see what Hummingbird could do for your organization? Schedule your demo today, and see how top financial institutions, including Evolve Bank & Trust, Stripe, and Affirm, make their investigations 10x more efficient and effective with Hummingbird.

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