AML investigations for the modern world

Our AML solution helps you triage, investigate, and report suspicious activity faster and with greater accuracy. Customizable workflows and compliance-grade automation tools standardize and streamline operations, while a unified view of all casework improves program oversight.

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How it works



Tired of endless dispositioning? Hummingbird intelligently groups and de-duplicates transaction monitoring alerts and organizes cases for you, speeding up triage and escalation. 



Say goodbye to context switching. Hummingbird brings all of your data together, allowing your team to easily connect the dots of even the most complex investigations.



Our patented technology makes SAR/STR reporting easier and more efficient: automated workflows and report generation save time, while electronic filing allows you to easily submit reports to FIUs globally. 


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Hummingbird for AML investigations

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Get the big picture


Say hello to the Investigation Canvas, your team’s new crime-fighting utility belt. The Investigation Canvas elegantly brings together data from internal systems and third-party tools, creating a rich, unified view of case information and allowing you to make faster, more informed decisions.


Automation to remove busywork and streamline operations

What does automation built for compliance look like? We think it looks like customizable workflows to help standardize and accelerate investigation work…plus a powerful automation platform capable of streamlining the manual, time-consuming parts of your process. 

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Run the show with more detailed oversight

Hummingbird offers complete visibility into program performance. Configurable dashboards and reports help you stay on top of every case assignment, decision, and timeline, while a detailed activity log means you’re always audit-ready. 

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Expedited regulatory reporting, all over the globe

Hummingbird brings all of your regulatory reporting together. Take advantage of automated reporting with FinCEN, FINTRAC, and goAML countries, and use our flexible workflows to manage the reporting process for every other FIU in the world. No matter where you’re filing, we make your process more efficient.

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A seamless, connected compliance stack

Your compliance program has lots of moving parts – so why settle for anything but the best from every part of your tech stack? Hummingbird works seamlessly with all the core tools and data sources your team depends upon (including easy connection to your transaction monitoring system!).

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See how you can save 2-4 hours per AML investigation with Hummingbird. 

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