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Pricing & FAQS

Hummingbird's pricing is designed to work for compliance organizations of all kinds and sizes. Get a custom quote to see how Hummingbird can meet your organization's needs.



Pricing & FAQs

We want to make it easy for you to use Hummingbird, and have carefully designed our pricing to be simple and clear. Request a quote to see why the best teams in compliance and risk choose Hummingbird.


Who is Hummingbird for?

  • Automatically

    Financial compliance and risk teams with 5 to 1,000+ team members.

  • Provisional

    Banks, credit unions, fintechs, payments companies, crypto, gaming – you name it!

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    Teams covering AML, CDD/EDD, lending complaints, disputes, anti-fraud, sanctions, and other practice areas.

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    Organizations that file SARs, STRs, CTRs, UARs (bank partner referrals), and other reports.



Here’s what our customers think

“ Using the software clearly pays for itself”

Headshot of Andrew Stines-1

Andrew Stines

Chief Risk Officer

“ Hummingbird is our single source of truth for our compliance teams.”


Cecilia Russell

SVP, Chief Compliance Officer

Frequently asked questions

How long does implementation take?

Most of our customers are up and running in less than four weeks, including large deployments. Setting up your Hummingbird account with basic workflows and manual case creation only takes a few minutes, and we can import your existing casework from spreadsheets. Following that initial setup, it typically takes customers’ engineering teams and our customer success team a few days to establish deeper integrations with our APIs. We have onboarded 1,000+ investigator teams for end-to-end AML workflows in less than four weeks!

What are the benefits of using Hummingbird?

Hummingbird is a purpose-built CRM and investigation platform for Compliance and Risk teams. Some of the top benefits of our platform include:

  • Organizing casework data into a consistent and intuitive platform
  • Ensuring that investigations are conducted consistently every time
  • Providing a bullet-proof audit trail for all of your compliance needs
  • Automatically populating, validating, and electronically filing SAR/STR reports globally
  • Automating away the tedious parts of your workflows & analytics

Why do companies use Hummingbird?

Many compliance leaders are up at night worrying that they’ll overlook a case, miss a deadline, or have trouble ensuring that their investigative teams follow policy. Hummingbird solves all of those problems (and many more). Your casework will be comprehensive, on time, and very auditable. For investigators, Hummingbird weaves together profile information, activity, research, and prior diligence work to present a comprehensive view of the case. We provide a place to tie it all together and move through your work efficiently and confidently.

My compliance needs are unique, how can Hummingbird help?

Hummingbird is thoughtfully designed to complement the existing tools and data sources of the most sophisticated financial institutions in the world. Our customers serve hundreds of millions of consumers that are spread around the globe, and their compliance obligations are incredibly complex. They lean on Hummingbird to keep their investigations running efficiently and according to their policies.

How do I integrate with Hummingbird?

Cases and information can be sent to Hummingbird using our APIs and directly through our product interface. Many of our customers use both of these approaches: cases are created and populated first through our APIs, and investigators add more information to the case as needed through our product interface. We’ve carefully designed the information importing process to be incredibly fast and easy. Information can be imported from spreadsheets, text documents, and various file formats – we’re always adding support for new input formats. If you decide to do a deeper integration, our APIs provide RESTful endpoints that are secure and modern. The technologists on your team will find them intuitive and flexible.

Is the Hummingbird platform secure?

Yes. Security is one of our core values at Hummingbird, and we go to great lengths to keep our customers’ information safe and confidential. (One Fortune 10 financial institution that we work with called our InfoSec review “the smoothest I have ever seen.”) The security section of our website provides more detail on our security practices and procedures. If you’d like to review our policy documents and certification reports in detail, please reach out.

Can I get my data out of Hummingbird?

Yes. Making sure you have secure, convenient access to get your data out of Hummingbird is just as important to us as enabling you to get it in. You can retrieve your data through our APIs or by downloading it through the product interface. Access permissions for data retrieval are carefully controlled, meaning there’s no need to worry about data being downloaded by team members who shouldn’t be able to.

Do you provide transaction monitoring?

No, Hummingbird is designed to work with your existing transaction monitoring and account surveillance solutions. The risks faced by top financial institutions are very unique, and we believe that transaction monitoring is best performed by their own teams. Instead, we focus on everything down the line: helping your team handle the casework more efficiently through our Alert Intelligence technologies. Hummingbird can be used any time you need to manage and review cases. These cases can come from many different sources: unusual activity alerts, periodic account monitoring, referrals, information requests from partners or law enforcement, fraud investigations, and many more.

Do you need access to all of my sensitive customer and transaction data?

Definitely not. Some vendors in our industry need access to all of your data in order to function – this can keep your InfoSec team up at night! Hummingbird takes a different approach: you only send us the transactions and subject information that are relevant for an investigation. You get to decide what to send us and when to send it, all according to your compliance policies. The scope of sensitive information that you send to Hummingbird is limited to what is needed for compliance investigations, and typically represents less than 0.5% of your overall customer and transaction data.

Where do you file SAR / STR reports?

Hummingbird is one of the largest SAR / STR filers in the world, and provides automated reporting to dozens of FIUs around the world. We file in the US, Canada, and several EU countries, as well as countries around the world that use goAML-formatted reports. Have an FIU you’d like to file in? We’re rapidly expanding our list of filing destinations. Reach out to start a conversation!

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