Introducing Our Thomson Reuters Integration: Streamline Customer Due Diligence And Financial Crime Investigations

Courtney Chuang

Head of Product Marketing

Hummingbird has partnered with Thomson Reuters to deliver an innovative solution to streamline customer due diligence and financial crime investigations. With the new Thomson Reuters CLEAR App, compliance teams can uncover hard-to-find person and business data, directly within Hummingbird and without ever having to leave their investigation. To see how you can increase efficiency with Hummingbird and Thomson Reuters, request a demo.

Whether you are deciding to onboard a high-risk account or investigating what looks like potentially suspicious activity, you need to know exactly who your customers are. Your ability to make accurate case decisions depends on it.

But getting the customer information you need is rarely straightforward. It often means having to pull up multiple systems, switch back and forth between tabs, and copy-paste data from one place to another. In short: it’s time-consuming and tedious.

Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with Thomson Reuters CLEAR – a new way to streamline customer due diligence and financial crime investigations. With the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App and Hummingbird, you can work cases faster and more effectively by bringing essential data about people and businesses into view in Hummingbird.

Our partnership with Thomson Reuters is a significant step forward in helping compliance teams unify their data and their work, reducing the time and effort required to conduct investigations and accelerating the fight against financial crime.
– Joe Robinson, Co-founder & CEO, Hummingbird

Now, you can search Thomson Reuters CLEAR’s collection of public and proprietary records, without having to leave your investigation in Hummingbird. Fully integrated with Hummingbird’s workflows and case management, the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App eliminates needless context-switching, saving investigators both time and effort.

Note: Anyone accessing Thomson Reuters CLEAR data through the Humingbird platform must have a credentialed subscription through Thomson Reuters.

Seamlessly search for people and businesses, with a direct integration in Hummingbird

Let’s say you’re conducting enhanced due diligence on a high-risk business. You want to verify the customer’s identity and the nature and purpose of their business. How do you go about doing that?

With Hummingbird and the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App, you can quickly uncover key data about people and businesses, including hard-to-find information, without ever leaving your case. Locate AKA names, professional licenses, DBA listings, criminal and court records, and so much more.

Hummingbird automatically populates your search with known subject data, such as the person’s name and social security number, so you get relevant results in fewer clicks.


Accelerate case decisions by bringing essential data into view

Performing your search is just the start. You need to identify the results that are actually relevant to your case, and, more importantly, use those results to reach a case decision.

Hummingbird lets you preview all of the search results from CLEAR, so you can confirm the result matches the person or business in question before generating the full report.

View the search results from CLEAR side-by-side with your investigation, or download and open the full report, to easily document your findings. No more flipping between different tools; now, you have one place to conduct, review, and act on your research.


Stay audit-ready with reports automatically attached to your case

Maintaining an audit trail should be easy. But, in many cases, it means playing a game of drag-and-drop and manually moving case files from one place to another.

With Hummingbird and the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App, you can maintain a complete audit trail – automatically. Anytime you generate a new person or business report, Hummingbird will attach the report to your case, making it easy to reference and straightforward to audit.


Get started with Hummingbird and the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App

Hummingbird brings your investigative tools together for faster, more accurate casework. With Hummingbird and the Thomson Reuters CLEAR integration, you can streamline customer due diligence and financial crimes investigations by bringing essential customer data directly into view.

You can find the Thomson Reuters CLEAR App in our App Store – our growing ecosystem of third-party integrations and tools to extend the Hummingbird platform and unify your case data and workflows.

Ready to see what your team can do with Hummingbird and Thomson Reuters CLEAR? Schedule a demo today, and see why top financial institutions, including Evolve Bank & Trust, Stripe, and Etsy, all trust our software to help them fight financial crime.

If you are a current Hummingbird customer and would like to learn more about the integration with Thomson Reuters CLEAR, please log in and visit our help center.

Thomson Reuters is not a consumer reporting agency and none of its services or the data contained therein constitute a ‘consumer report’ as such term is defined in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C. sec. 1681 et seq. The data provided to you may not be used as a factor in consumer debt collection decisioning, establishing a consumer’s eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, government benefits, or housing, or for any other purpose authorized under the FCRA. By accessing one of our services, you agree not to use the service or data for any purpose authorized under the FCRA or in relation to taking an adverse action relating to a consumer application.

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