Announcing Our Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau Integrations: Unify Your Investigative Data in Hummingbird

Courtney Chuang

Head of Product Marketing

Hummingbird now integrates with Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau. Our new no-code integrations enable you to seamlessly connect investigative data in your data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) tools to Hummingbird. To see how our apps and integrations can help eliminate data silos and streamline your investigations, visit our App Store—or schedule a demo to speak with a product expert.

Financial crime investigations require a meticulous eye for detail and the ability to conduct careful, thorough analysis. Investigators must uncover clues, often hidden across multiple datasets, that signal potential risk to the institution or possible criminal activity.

Too often, however, critical investigative data is siloed across a myriad of tools and systems. Compliance teams find themselves constantly needing to context-switch and copy-paste information from one place to another. The result: slow, error-prone investigations.

At Hummingbird, we’ve long believed compliance teams should have one place to see all the information they need to complete their investigations. That philosophy is central to how we’ve built the Hummingbird platform, and allows teams using Hummingbird to work cases faster without sacrificing accuracy or increasing the burden on investigators. 

Hummingbird’s new no-code integrations with Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau help eliminate data silos, streamlining investigative work and increasing accuracy.

Today, we’re excited to announce three new Hummingbird Apps: Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau. Now, you can seamlessly connect investigative data in your data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) tools to Hummingbird—without any engineering work. Our new integrations help you get a unified view of your investigations, speeding up casework and making it more precise.

Ready to explore what efficiencies you can unlock with our new integrations?

Integrate your investigative data, quickly and easily

In many situations, getting a complete picture of your investigation requires significant manual work—moving data from one place to another—or scarce engineering resources.

Our integrations with Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau are easy to set up and completely no-code. You decide what data you want to send to and from your tools, and, once connected, data automatically flows between your tools and Hummingbird.


Automatically create cases and populate case information

With Hummingbird’s new integrations, you can say goodbye to manually creating cases and tediously populating case information—with all the data you need instantly in view.

Automatically create new cases using alert, transaction, and subject data from Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau. Once in Hummingbird, your data is organized and easy to view and interpret, so you can complete investigations with speed and focus.


Do more with your case data by syncing it to your analytics tools

Hummingbird provides you with rich analytics on your cases and SAR/STR filings. But we know there’s more you likely want to do with your data, whether that’s ensuring you have a complete record in your own systems or taking action on it in other platforms.

Along with sending data to Hummingbird, you can also automatically send case data from Hummingbird to Snowflake, where you can unify, query, and sync it across your other tools, and to Microsoft Power BI, where you can further analyze and visualize it.

Hummingbird_Apps_Power BI

Get a unified view of your investigations with Hummingbird

Fragmented data is a common complaint for compliance organizations, where it slows down investigations and softens the fight against financial crime. With our apps and integrations, Hummingbird eliminates data silos, making investigations more efficient and effective.

Our new Snowflake, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau integrations are just the beginning. We have more integrations launching soon to help you connect all the investigative tools that your team relies on. Check out our App Store for the latest apps and integrations.

Ready to see how Hummingbird can streamline your investigations? Schedule a demo today, and see why top financial institutions, including Evolve Bank & Trust, Stripe, and Etsy, all trust our software to help them fight financial crime.

If you are a current customer and would like to enable one of our new apps, sign in and head to the Apps page in the main navigation. You can also learn more in our help center.

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