See Exactly What You Need With Side-by-Side Investigation Views

Bryan McCarty

Head of Product Marketing

Hummingbird users can now customize how they view investigation details and tasks by choosing what to pin in the right-hand panel. This functionality is great for seeing subject data side-by-side, viewing a full-screen review, or analyzing two reviews simultaneously.

We’ve all been there. You are deep in your work and doing what you do best: investigating. Sometimes, however, something blocks your progress. Whether it’s too many clicks in a workflow or the need to reference something you were looking at 10 seconds prior. You are trying to be efficient, but you need the ability to focus on what is relevant at the moment, and sometimes that means viewing multiple streams of detail at once.

You can now pin any case elements (review workflows, transactions, subject, and more) to side-by-side panels—allowing you to view more details at once while keeping your investigation moving forward.

There is no one right way to use side-by-side views. Some people pin RFI details to the left panel while completing an AML workflow on the right. Others view case-level investigation details while writing a detailed narrative. The beauty of side-by-side views is that the choice is yours.

We’ve also made it possible to resize the panels if you need even more focus. You now can work how you want to and see the data that matters most to your task. 

Here is a closer look at how you can use the new pinning and resizing functionality:

Customize Your View

The review you first select from your Dashboard will be pinned to the right panel. To see two items side-by-side, click any other item (review, alert, transaction, etc.) from the Dashboard. This second item will then open as a tab in the left panel. You can now see both at the same time.

Remember that pinning case data will automatically open in a new tab on the left. Pinning the tab moves it to the right panel, replacing whatever is there. Unpinning something moves it back to the left, showing you a full-width view.


Want to switch things around? No problem.

Click the pin icon on any open tab to move it from the left panel and pin it to the right. The previously pinned item will move back to the left. Alternatively, you can drag a tab into the right panel to pin.

Resize Your Panels

Do you wish you had more space to review specific details or focus on your writing? Now you do. Hover over the edge of the panel and drag to resize it.

Tip: Double-click the panel edge to snap it back to its last position.

We regularly release new features and would love to know what you think. Try out Case Pinning and Resizing to increase efficiency while focusing on priority tasks. Then let us know what other enhancements you would like to see.

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