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Introducing Hummingbird Apps

Bryan McCarty

Head of Product Marketing

Hummingbird Apps is a new way to think about your compliance stack, allowing you to craft a custom solution based on your exact program needs. You can pick and choose the right capabilities when needed, seamlessly integrate with the best 3rd-party tools, and enter new jurisdictions as you scale — all while benefiting from Hummingbird’s purpose-built investigations platform. Explore available apps today to start boosting your workflow.

As a compliance leader, you face a formidable task: build a program that’s completely custom while also playing by every rule in the book.

For some teams, this means spending countless hours building in-house tools. For others, it means trudging along using spreadsheets to tape over gaps. Of course, there’s always the option of an all-in-one solution. But why pay for something that doesn’t quite fit the bill? 

From top financial institutions to the fastest-growing fintechs, these scenarios are what compliance professionals like you tell us about every day. You’re frustrated, tired of hacking together different systems, and want a new path to get the necessary tools to support your expert skills.

Today is your day. 

It’s time to elevate your craft and start thinking about your compliance stack in an entirely new way. It’s time to boost your workflows with Hummingbird Apps

Hummingbird lets you build a custom program by picking and choosing the apps that meet your exact requirements — and say no to the ones you don’t need.

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Here are just a few things you can do with this new approach.

Build your dream tech stack

All-in-one solutions sound good on the surface. But you often end up paying for features you don’t need. What’s worse, the features you do get are lightweight and don’t quite do what you need them to. 

With Hummingbird Apps, you can customize and build the solution that’s right for you. You can even create custom workflows that support your current processes. From escalation paths to ongoing monitoring, our compliance experts will help you build the optimal workflow for all your current processes.

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Enter new jurisdictions

Unsure about your expansion plans? That’s okay. Hummingbird Apps lets you quickly enter new jurisdictions and file SARs/STRs when ready. Planning to launch in Ireland? No problem. There’s an app for that. Our ever-growing list of FIU reporting apps continues to grow.

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Drive more efficiency and reduce context switching

By bringing data into Hummingbird from other tools, you can stay focused on deep investigation work without switching context. For example, the Thomson Reuters CLEAR app lets you quickly surface essential but hard-to-find information about a subject — without ever leaving Hummingbird.

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Save time by eliminating tedious tasks

From creating and managing third-party requests (Requests for Information app) or collecting tips and referrals (Tip Intake app) — it can all happen directly from the Hummingbird platform. Eliminate manual, low-value tasks so you can reach case decisions faster and your organization can scale caseloads.

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The future of compliance starts today

Although we’re excited about today’s launch, we’ve only just begun. From new filing jurisdictions to 3rd-party integrations, we’ll continue to roll out new apps in the coming months. 

Our mission at Hummingbird is to fight financial crime by providing you with the best tools and information for your investigation work. We believe today’s announcement represents a meaningful step towards doing just that while giving you a new way to think about the technology supporting your craft. 

We can’t wait to continue this journey and deliver more apps that give you the specialized functionality you need and deserve.

Ready to get a closer look at Hummingbird Apps? Schedule a demo today. Hummingbird is trusted by top financial institutions, including Evolve Bank & Trust, Stripe, and Affirm.

If you are a Hummingbird customer and want to see which apps you’re already using, sign in and head to the Apps page in the main navigation. You can also sign in and visit our help center to learn more.


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