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Hummingbird is a compliance and risk platform that empowers financial institutions to conduct fast, accurate financial crime investigations. Hummingbird streamlines anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, customer due diligence, and other compliance workflows, providing financial institutions with the tools they need to stay ahead.

Why compliance leaders choose Hummingbird...


Unified Compliance Solution. Break free from siloed tools and workflows. Our Compliance CRM integrates customer knowledge, case management, investigations, and regulatory reporting into one platform.


Powerful Automation Tools. Speed up your workflows with Hummingbird Automations. Our no-code, easy-to-use automation platform gets rid of manual, repetitive tasks so your team can stay focused on high-value, strategic compliance work.


Global Filing. Say goodbye to filing headaches. Save 2-4 hours per case with automated SAR/STR filing in 60+ FIUs, including FinCEN and FINTRAC.


Designed for Scale. Choose from a growing list of more than 30 ready-to-use apps and integrations to help scale your program. Bring essential tools like Thomson Reuters CLEAR, Middesk, and Chainalysis directly into Hummingbird.

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Hummingbird is a compliance and risk platform that's reimagining what's possible from financial crime investigations. We're here to empower your team by making compliance work faster, more accurate, and more intuitive. 

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